We are audiovisual specialists. We carry out all kinds of audiovisual projects both at a private and business level, such as:

  • Housing
  • Hotels
  • Offices, classrooms
  • Conference rooms, auditoriums
  • Cinemas, theaters, audiovisual media, recording studios
  • Restaurants, party rooms, gyms, sports centers, etc.

Our services consist of an initial project based on the choice of interior cladding for the spaces to obtain optimal acoustic comfort as a result. On the other hand, we will carry out an electroacoustic project with the simulation of the loudspeaker distribution to obtain an adequate uniform coverage throughout the project to be evaluated.

If necessary, according to the population noise ordinance, we will proceed to carry out a project of limiters and their installation.Once the initial project is completed, we will obtain optimal tr i d50 parameters according to the use of the spaces, then we will give way to the speaker installations.

In this case, we collaborate with the company Electroso which carries out the installation of the studio’s audiovisual and home automation systems, offering our client a turnkey project where he will not have to carry out any type of complementary management since from Acoustic Engineering we take care of carry out the entire acoustic conditioning project, project and installation of the limiters and then the audiovisual and home automation system of the room or building.

Acoustic Engineering, your audiovisual specialists.