Acoustic Engineering and Consulting Services


Acoustic Consulting Services

Acoustic Isolation

We comply with noise regulations with the latest predictive software. We make the necessary insulation calculations and measurements to select the best construction elements and obtain the appropriate insulation between spaces.

Acoustic Consulting Services

Acoustic Conditioning

We carefully choose the interior cladding of the spaces to obtain optimal acoustic comfort.

Acoustic Consulting Services

Noise Certifications

We comply with the CTHE DB-HR and BREEAM regulations in their current version also considering the municipal regulations.

Acoustic Consulting Services

Noise Maps in industry 

We establish the necessary corrective measures to attenuate the sources of noise in the industry produced by machinery, production lines and etcetera.   

Acoustic Consulting Services

Environmental Impact Maps

We establish the necessary corrective measures to attenuate the sources of noise produced by environmental impact such as industries, highways, trains, machinery and etcetera.

Acoustic Consulting Services

Noise and Vibration Control

Our team of engineers carries out a study that allows us to avoid and correct unwanted vibrations and noises inside the spaces which can be produced by ventilation, air conditioning and duct systems.

Acoustic Consulting Services

Acoustic Impact Study and Activity License

We help you start your restaurant, supermarket, nightclub, music bar, shop, gym. We offer you a comprehensive analysis, study and feasibility service to obtain the noise regulatory compliance.

Acoustic Consulting Services

CTE DB-HR Project Justification

This project ensures compliance with the Technical Building Code in the field of noise protection.

Acoustic Consulting Services

Project Monitoring

We supervise the project for a correct execution of the acoustic solutions. Acoustic modifications on site are also monitored during their execution period.

Design of Audiovisual Systems

Study and design of the optimal audiovisual equipment for each space.

Sound Limiters

We install sound limiters.

In-Person and Online Training Courses

Training courses for companies, freelancers and environmental entities to raise awareness about the importance of acoustics in exterior and interior noise.